TTP is a technology and product development company. TTP works closely with its clients to bring new products to market and creates new business opportunities from advances in technology across a broad range of market sectors.

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TTP Labtech brings innovative instrumentation to the life scientist to create process efficiencies. It provides state-of-the-art solutions for specific product areas including: cell-based screening, sample management, liquid handling and the management of analytical automation.

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Tonejet is a break-through digital printing company targeted at commercial and industrial applications. Tonejet brings the benefits of digital printing to the high volume, multi-billion dollar markets where image quality, cost, reliability and throughput are critical factors. Tonejet products have been developed in close co-operation with industry leaders in key market sectors.

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TTP Meteor enables industrial inkjet, graphic arts and commercial print applications through the provision of production ready electronics and software to drive the world’s leading industrial inkjet printheads.

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Melbourn Science Park owns and develops the 17 acre park for the benefit of TTP, its sister companies and other tenants.

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Introducing TTP Group

TTP Group combines the strengths of science, engineering, and business development to help companies, large and small, to recognise, create and exploit new technology. TTP Group also incubates new technology and invests in early stage technology companies.

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TTP launches Desktop Biology

Aug 03, 2016

Translating biological assays into market-ready products that deliver ‘Sample to Answer’ from 15 Minutes This new service provides an accessible and rapid route to market, offering a seamless approach for companies looking to accelerate the development of their assay to a product for use in diagnostics or research. Made possible with TTP’s expertise in regulated environments an

blog: news from the world of protein crystallography

Aug 03, 2016

read the latest labCrystal success stories from your peer crystallographers Ever wondered how you can fit just a few more hours into the day and gain that vital extra cup of coffee? Now imagine if you could set up 96 drops in less than 2 minutes with the added bonus that 20x more time protein crstallograhpy experiments can be achieved using mosquito Crystal for automated drop setting (50 nL of pro

Beverage packaging innovation

Jul 08, 2016

Designed to meet your needs The key to success in craft beverage packaging lies in a few areas. One of the most obvious is partnering with a strong and innovative player such as Tonejet with its Digital Printing Engine.

Join us at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016

Jul 08, 2016

Venue: Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK Date: 13 Oct – 14 Oct 2016 Booth: C3 The ELRIG drug discovery meeting! Join us for the ELRIG 10th Anniversary celebration of Drug Discovery which will be held in Liverpool at the Echo Arena. The meeting will bring together leading lights in drug discovery research across pharma, biotech, academia and the vendor community. For the full schedule of the meeti

blog: when not binding to a target’s binding site is better!

Jun 22, 2016

allosteric versus orthosteric binding Most drugs bind to a target’s binding site (orthosteric binding). However, binding to a site distant from the binding site appears to have some very significant advantages over orthosteric binding, one of which is reducing off-target side-effects. Our latest labCrystal magazine describes an innovative fragment screening strategy to identify potential allost

blog: TTP Labtech’s essential guide to ICCBM-16

Jun 20, 2016

With over 30 years of biennial meetings and 300+ participants, ICCBM-16 is a good forum to meet leading protein crystallography professionals and academics. It offers research and case studies focusing on science, technology, process and collaborations over 5 days packed with presentations and social events. Below is TTP Labtech’s essential selection of fun and informative talks for protein crys

Cambridge Summer Music Festival

Jun 09, 2016

Cambridge Summer Music exists to promote live classical music of the highest calibre in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. For further information on the events running this year please visit

What can 'Things' do for you?

Jun 02, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving investment in new applications to harness opportunities in a new connected world. In his article in IoT Now Steve Baker looks at the danger of focussing to much on the technology and not on how to monetise it. Read the full article here.      

Heart of Europe Bio-crystallography Meeting

May 23, 2016

Venue: Bundeslehranstalt Burg Warberg, Germany Date: 29 Sept – 1 Oct 2016 Booth: TBC Focus on mosquito Crystal at this years Heart of Europe Bio-crystallography Meeting Meet the team and learn more about mosquito Crystal, the protein crystallographer’s favourite robot. It makes protein crystallisation screening faster, more cost-effective and quite simply easier than ever before.

About Us

About us

The Technology Partnership was established over 25 years ago to create a world-leading technology and development organisation. Today that enterprise has evolved and grown into TTP Group, a range of businesses focussed on meeting the needs of companies planning to flourish through the use of technology and innovation.

In keeping with the origins, the Group's companies have evolved and continue to develop break-through new products, apply the latest innovations and in many cases develop new technology to meet commercial needs.

As the enterprise has grown, new companies have been created, some of which have remained within TTP Group, while others have been sold, demerged or floated on the London Stock Exchange.

The following gives a short overview of some of the highlights in the history of the formation of the companies of TTP Group.

TTP Group History

  • October 1987, The Technology Partnership is formed
  • April 1993, Wavedriver joint venture is formed
  • June 1993, Tonejet joint venture is formed
  • April 1997, The Automation Partnership is formed
  • April 1997, Group reorganised under new parent, TTP Group plc
  • April 1998, TTPCom is formed
  • August 1998, The Automation Partnership is demerged
  • December 1999, TTP Venture Fund is formed
  • December 1999, ip.access is formed
  • August 2000, TTP Group acquires Melbourn Science Park
  • October 2000, TTPCom (and ip.access) is floated on the London Stock Exchange
  • April 2001, TTP Labtech is formed
  • December 2004, Tonejet becomes a subsidiary
  • February 2009, Plarion joint venture is formed
  • July 2012, Tonejet becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary
  • 2015, TTP Meteor Ltd is formed

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TTP is located close to Cambridge, UK. It is easily accessed by road and rail and internationally via London Stansted Airport, London City, Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

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