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TTP cuts time to market for OEMs using Kyocera KJ4 printheads

The TTP Meteor™ Print Controller now supports KJ4B-HD06MHG-STDV2 and KJ4A-GD06AHG- STDN2/STDC2 printheads and is accompanied by a Meteor DropTuner for laboratory use.

TTP is pleased to announce the release of the Meteor Head Driver Card “HDC-K” for the new Kyocera KJ4 printhead types KJ4B-HD06MHG-STDV2 and KJ4A-GD06AHG-STDN2/STDC2. This new driver card enables OEMs to integrate new Kyocera KJ4 printheads with less cost, time and risk. Printer manufacturers already using a TTP Meteor controller will recognise the software interface, additionally reducing their time to bring a Kyocera-based print system to the market.

TTP is also releasing a version of the Meteor DropTuner which packages the Head Driver Card with drop-control software and a laboratory-ready user interface to provide a product that is ideal for the inkjet laboratory. Often used with a JetXpert from ImageXpert Inc., the Meteor DropTuner helps inkjet engineers analyse droplet formation.

Stefan Ross, Meteor Business Manager at TTP, says: “We are seeing widespread market interest for Kyocera KJ4 printheads, and are proud to be able to support its adoption through the use of our Meteor print technology. Meteor’s production-ready hardware and software allows OEMs to exploit the full capabilities of these powerful printheads from day-one, resulting in a huge improvement in time-to-market and reliability.”

TTP’s Meteor system was launched in 2007 and is incorporated into the design of many print systems. It drives inkjet printheads from many leading printhead suppliers.

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