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TTP plc is a technology and product development company. TTP works closely with its clients to bring new products to market and creates new business opportunities from advances in technology across a broad range of market sectors.

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Tonejet is a break-through digital printing company targeted at commercial and industrial applications. Tonejet brings the benefits of digital printing to the high volume, multi-billion dollar markets where image quality, cost, reliability and throughput are critical factors. Tonejet products have been developed in close co-operation with industry leaders in key market sectors.

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Cellular Highways is developing a new generation of automated high-throughput cell sorting instruments for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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LEX Diagnostics is bringing the clinical accuracy of molecular diagnostics out of hospitals and into primary care and the wider community. Their focus is respiratory viruses: flu testing every winter, and COVID-19 testing wherever its needed.

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Awerian provides research and development services that extend and enhance the ability of the United Kingdom and its Allies to defend themselves and to protect the future prosperity of their citizens. Awerian operates collaboratively or stand-alone and configures its working practices to address the needs of specific projects.

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Introducing TTP Group

TTP Group combines the strengths of science, engineering, and business development to help companies, large and small, to recognise, create and exploit new technology. TTP Group also incubates new technology and invests in early stage technology companies.

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About Us

About us

The Technology Partnership (TTP) was established over 30 years ago to create a world-leading technology and development organisation. Today that enterprise has evolved and grown into TTP Group, a range of businesses focussed on meeting the needs of companies planning to flourish through the use of technology and innovation.

In keeping with the origins, the Group's companies have evolved and continue to develop break-through new products, apply the latest innovations and in many cases develop new technology to meet commercial needs.

As the enterprise has grown, new companies have been created, some of which have remained within TTP Group, while others have been sold, demerged or floated on the London Stock Exchange.

TTP Group is part of the local community and believes in investing in that community. Over the past 30 years, we have developed an excellent relationship with the village of Melbourn. Over the last 30 years, TTP Group has contributed to many community projects in Melbourn, most recently making a £100,000 pledge to enhance science teaching at Melbourn Village College. TTP are long standing supporters of initiatives such as Cambridge Literary Festival, the Cambridge Music Festival, Cambridge Music Festival and National Science Week. 

TTP Group History

  • October 1987, The Technology Partnership is formed
  • April 1993, Wavedriver joint venture is formed
  • June 1993, Tonejet joint venture is formed
  • April 1997, The Automation Partnership is formed
  • April 1997, Group reorganised under new parent, TTP Group plc
  • April 1998, TTPCom is formed
  • August 1998, The Automation Partnership is demerged
  • December 1999, TTP Venture Fund is formed
  • December 1999, ip.access is formed
  • August 2000, TTP Group acquires Melbourn Science Park
  • October 2000, TTPCom (and ip.access) is floated on the London Stock Exchange
  • April 2001, SPT Labtech (previously TTP Labtech) is formed
  • December 2004, Tonejet becomes a subsidiary
  • February 2009, Plarion joint venture is formed
  • July 2012, Tonejet becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary
  • 2015, TTP Meteor Ltd is formed
  • December 2016, TTP Meteor Ltd sold to Global Graphics SE
  • February 2017, TTP Ventus is formed
  • September 2018, SPT Labtech (previously TTP Labtech) acquired by Battery Ventures 
  • April 2019, Cellular Highways is formed 
  • April 2020, LEX Diagnostics is formed
  • April 2021, Awerian is formed
  • December 2021, TTP Group plc converts to Ltd and ownership transfers to an Employee Ownership Trust
  • September 2022, TTP Ventus acquiried by The Lee Company

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TTP is located close to Cambridge, UK. It is easily accessed by road and rail and internationally via London Stansted Airport, London City, Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

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